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Tickle Abuse is truly amazing. Words cannot describe the feelings evoked by the opportunity to tickle some of the girls that haunt many of our dreams. Every model that is bookable is totally chill and easy to get along with. They understand the fetish and help you feel completely comfortable with it while you are there - even if the rest of the world may seem a dark and scary place for the "misfit" fetish. The fact that Tickle Abuse is offering this is a truly unique opportunity that despite my best efforts, I have been unable to find anywhere else on earth. It should be considered the quintessential pilgrimage for any true tickling fan. You will not find a more relaxed environment to tickle truly gorgeous women that are genuinely very ticklish and completely fine with it. On the day I booked the session, Brooke, Theresa, Amber, Diane, and Lola were available. All of these girls are unbelievable and no matter how you pick your poison, you will have a guaranteed Time Of Your Life. My only word to the wise would be PLAY NICELY! A goldmine of possibility exists here for we tickle crazed fans, and it would be a shame should anything ever happen to ruin this groundbreaking new experience in tickling entertainment. For those of you who prefer to have their synopsis in numerical equivalents, I give this review a wholly feasible and completely non-arbitrary 11 out of 10. Peace, love and laughter After they, they will go down to a bikini if requested. You may tickle any of the non-censored areas, if you catch my drift. For an additional fee, I believe it may be an option to have some of the girls do the shoot topless if they are comfortable with it. Also, any attire more conservative than that is an option. Just make note of what you want up front and you can discuss specifics on attire, but those are the basic options. When I first arrived, I was greeted out front by Tommy who showed me into the studio. We spoke for a few minutes as a "feeling you out" type of thing to see what it was I was looking for, whether or not there was anything suspicious about me, followed by a pat-down to ensure that I was not housing any film equipment or lethal devices that could be used to harm the girls (no nutjobs allowed!) At any rate, it was far less intrusive than airport security, so no biggie there. After telling him which girls I wanted, they were sent in to meet me and we chatted for a bit to break the ice. This way the girls have a chance to see if they feel comfortable with you before they rush into a bondage situation. As I said in the review, the girls are all very cool and easy to speak with, and they know why they are there, so it really isn't an obstacle to getting on with the good stuff so much as taking some time to feel each other out. Feel free to ask them how they feel about tickling, where they are ticklish, or anything else that pops into your head. DO NOT go there with the impression of scoring a date with your favorite model and get into the nitty gritty of their personal lives just because you forked over a few hundred bucks to tickle them. You are NOT Casanova and the service provided is not a dating game show. Perhaps if you are a beautiful and unique snowflake, you will someday wow yourself a dream girl. Just enjoy the experience for what it is and I promise you that there is true gold to be found inside the walls of TA for everyone to share and share alike. Once you commence with the session, you are basically your own private director for the duration of the session. You can have the girls on any of the devices you see on the site, use the toys that are available (feathers, pinwheel, brushes, etc), and either tickle the model yourself, or if you have two or more girls scheduled, can have them tickle, lickle, worship each other as you see fit. You have open access to all non-censored areas of the body for tickling purposes and if you ask the girls and they say okay, it is possible to worship their feet as well. You are left to your own devices during the session without anyone directly in the room watching you, but there are security measures in place to ensure that nothing gets rough or out of control. After all, we need to keep these girls happy if there is to be any chance of this continuing. To the best of my knowledge, it is okay to bring your own tools to the session (within reason: ie just because you could theoretically tickle someone with a knife, doesn't mean it's gonna happen). You may also tickle the girls without bondage if you prefer. Some of the girls seem to like having their feet worshiped (for others it is more ticklish than pleasureful), all of them love foot massages, and every single one of them is genuinely ticklish, each with their own set of hot spots that you can plainly identify if you watch their videos. A single session is an hour and a half and you can book multiple models in succession or at the same time depending on what you are looking for. Bear in mind that the models that choose to offer sessions are the ones who are comfortable with tickling and understand the fetish even if they don't have a tickle fetish themselves. Don't expect to book a session with a girl who went out of her mind and hated the experience at TA, because it just isn't feasible. If anyone else would like to know something else that I forgot to mention, please drop a line on the post. Word to the wise, I was a dumbass and posted this in both tickling discussion and product reviews, mostly because I didn't know where it would belong the most, and I wanted to ensure that it would be seen by everyone here even if they don't scour every category of the TMF. Bottom line - It was good, I can't wait to go back, and I hope to see some of you there. It's a nice safe haven where someone with a tickling fetish doesn't stand out in a crowd and everyone there does a fine job of making dreams become reality. Tickle Abuse is probably the most difficult production to review. Why? What happened to Tickle Abuse? At the beginning of 2019, Tickle Abuse has been sold to a new owner, who has progressively changed the nature of the content. New location, different scenarios, different models. Unfortunately, the new version is worse than the previous one. The old Tickle Abuse used to be the most famous and iconic production of tickling videos, probably the best one overall. Differently, the new Tickle Abuse is featuring videos of lower quality, involving less ticklish models and less spicy scenarios. Don’t get me wrong, the new Tickle Abuse is still not a bad production, but it is far from delivering the quality we used to get from the old production. Luckily for us, the membership site still includes the old videos, so we can still watch the thousands of high quality old videos. Considering that we can still watch the old videos, grades have been assigned to the old production (otherwise marks would be lower). In addition, sometimes the new production comes up with very interesting scenes, valid alternatives to the old videos. For example, in June 2020, Tickle Abuse posted a foot tickling video with Ashley Lane in the stocks. Link to the video, you will agree with me about it being a fair alternative to the old productions. I personally like Ashley Lane for her bondage and spanking videos, I loved when I could watch her tickled in the stocks. Similarly to Tickle Intensive, Tickle Abuse provides us with very generous (1 minute) free previews of each video. Relevant feature if you are planning on buying clips individually. In conclusion: if you are looking for a large hub of tickling videos that you can watch with a monthly subscription, we definitely recommend Tickle Abuse. We also recommend to scroll down to the old videos to watch the best scenes. If you miss the old format, you should look for different Tickle Abuse Tickle Abuse is one of the hottest sites slash marketplaces for all kinds of tickle and fetish videos! You know how much I love tickle fetish, but good tickle porn sites are far and few in between; this is why I love Tickle Abuse so much! They’re giving you two options: you can become a member or you can just go directly to the store and buy some videos that you like. The videos range from $5.99 to $11.99 and some are even pricier, so you things can quickly escalate if you want to buy something like 10 videos. In that case, membership is a better option because then you will be given access to all of them. It’s just $39.95 for 1 month of unlimited access, and if you want to continue then you’ll get rebilled with $29.95. 3 months will cost you $90 while 6 months cost $180. As you can see, you don’t have any kind of discount on higher prices, so you might want to stick with the 1 month membership. The site has a pretty hefty collection of hot tickle porn, the models are great and they have plenty of options- The categories range from tickle abuse and even ticklish guys to make on female (and vice versa), girl on girl, fetish zombie, ebony tickling and even some behind the scenes! Join now by clicking the link.......

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