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Enter without voting - -A browser game -Only some of the advanced features are paid -No need to share your personal info during the registration -International community -Responsive customer support -Free signup -Friendly environment -Exciting plot of the game -Impressive graphics -No mobile application If you always wanted to find a high-quality and interesting battle game with the elements of erotics, here you go. Fap Titans is the online adult game that took on the world. Fight monsters, become the hero of the kingdom and have a naughty girl on your side. What can be more cool? Probably, the fact that the website is free for use and play. You don’t need to subscribe to the membership and pay big amounts to only throw a glance on the features of the website. With lots of fans from the entire globe, Fap Titans is developing and increasing every day and provides a user-friendly approach and excellent service. If you are a real nerd about design, then you won’t be disappointed. The graphics is great. The interface is comfortable. Everything is done to meet your requirements and make you happy. Addictive game that doesn’t require too much attention to play. Well-executed graphics and design style that is consistent throughout. Lots of resources and consumables to manage. Lots of character and ability leveling. Good deal of game play can be had without shelling out any real money Limited actual erotic/adult content. For attended game play, it can get a bit repetitive. No sound or audio. Can be almost a bit overwhelming with all the different things to manage and learn Fap Titans is an adult in-browser freemium game, that most closely resembles a hentai or anime-style RPG blended with an idle clicker. Your objective is to recruit attractive babes to help you fight off ugly monsters. Like most of these kinds of games, you’ll have to manage various resources and consumables, and advance along the quests and storyline in order to grow your band of warriors, and enjoy some adult-themed rewards, too. The game is from HooligApps, of Dublin, Ireland, who also is responsible for other popular adult browser games like Cunt Wars, Smutstone, SlotBitches, Pussy Saga, Sex Gangsters, and Poker Sluts. They also have a related development arm that does mainstream/non-adult games in a similar style. Fap Titans Game Play, Mechanics, and Customization To start, you learn how to fight – essentially clicking on monsters until they die. In this way, the game has a definitely flavor of the popular idle clicker genre of games. In no time, you’re buying your first hero – the female warriors you recruit as you progress in the game. This increases your damage output as you fight, and allows you to upgrade these heroes as they fight alongside you, getting more powerful attacks and such as you go along. You get gold as a reward for killing off the monsters that the game presents. This is the currency of the game, and is required to buy heroes and level them up. As this is a bit of an idle clicker, too, it’s important to note that monsters will slowly die over time, even if you aren’t clicking on them like crazy – it just takes a lot longer for this passive action to occur. That’s a function of the DPS – damage per second – a statistic that most of your heroes will have, whereas your direct damage, DPC – damage per click – is upgrades as you level, as well as from other sources. Combined, these are the two main stats determining how fast monsters die, either while you actively click or passively let the game go on. After you complete some basic actions, you’ll be prompted to create an account, so you can resume your progress later. All this takes is an e-mail address, to which a verification code is sent – there’s no charge or obligation for this part of the registration process, and we highly recommend it if you intend to keep playing. Signing up also provides various boosts to passive bonuses, such as increasing the drop rate of gold from killing monsters, tickets (more on that later), and DPC (damage per click). You’ll periodically run into bosses, no matter whether you are idle or actively clicking. These fights are timed, and you have to defeat the boss (get their HP to 0) before the timer runs out. You can easily re-fight them via a button that pops up, which is handy, especially if you’re half AFK writing a review about the game when a boss fight occurs. As you go along, you also get quests, to level up a certain amount of times, defeat certain numbers of monsters, and so on. These quests offer various rewards of in-game items, currency, and other resources that are useful for your progression. In this way, it’s not dissimilar to many of these kind of idle clicker RPG-type games. The boss chests contain illustrated sexy pictures on different topics and categories of sex acts and similar. You want to collect all of these, for finishing a collection in each category opens up access to new heroes, as well as other rewards. You can open boss chests for free, or with a combination of tickets and diamonds. You get a free chest open every 5 minutes or so, but you’ll start to accumulate a lot more than this timer allows you to open as you progress. Play Free now by clicking the image...... : Free Erotic Adult Game