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To deter cheating, a gateway page has been put up. Click the link below to Finalize your vote.

Enter without voting - Whether you’re looking for live sex cams or chat, you can find hot online sex and porn just a few clicks away here at the Logging into the Cams site lands you onto the site home page. Here you can scroll through the model gallery and click to view their performances. Also on the home page you will see a drop-down menu on the top-right under your user name that gives you access to your account settings and on the left are search and filter resources. You will also notice on some of the thumb nail images things like Private, Tipping, Nude. Here’s what those mean Goal Show: The model is engaged in a public show, open to all – with an exception: this show type offers an exciting experience where a model can set tipping goals to provide a unique show experience. In this show type, models offer a variety of things to see and an opportunity to purchase entry to more intimate shows. Private: Viewers have the opportunity to take their favorite performer into a more private and intimate setting by creating a one-on-one session with the model. Nude: Viewers can immediately skip to the fun part by paying for admission to see models put on a nude show. Party: Party chat is similar to nude chat where several members can join the show for a per minute fee. Search tools makes it easy to search for models that best suit your tastes. You can search for Models based on gender, age-group, ethnicity, hair color and kink. As you click on those options that are more to your interests, two things happen; the number of models in the gallery are refined based on your criteria and located at the top left of the screen you will see the specific criteria you selected. This makes it easy to eliminate one criterion or another. Viewing To view any of the models you see in the gallery, just click their image to open their private stream where you can interact with the model by tipping, chatting or even adding them to your favorites. Favorites and Fan Clubs While viewing the models, you will likely find those that capture your attention more than others. We make it easy to revisit them by making them a Favorite or joining their Fan Club. Simply click on the “My Favorites” or “My Fan Clubs” button to access to those you’ve marked as a favorite or those whose fan club you joined. -Chatting with Models Click on a model thumbnail image on the main page to chat.The model’s chat room will open. From here, you can interact with the model. Type your message in the text box. Whisper Chat Whisper chats are private messages only visible to the model. Click the “Whisper” icon located in the text box to start a whisper chat.Models can allow members to send private messages for free or they can opt to charge a small fee to receive private messages. If the model allows free private messages the status at the top of the chat window will change from “Chat” to “Whisper” after clicking on the whisper icon. Buzzmode Buzzmode is an interactive tipping feature for viewers to buzz a model’s sound activated toy. When a model enables this feature an overlay is displayed with the amount of tokens needed to buzz a model when you enter their chatroom. Members viewing a broadcast can click inside a model’s broadcast window to send a sound that will trigger their sound activated toy to vibrate. Superbuzz is a more intense version of buzzmode which will trigger a stronger buzz to a models sound activated toy. Hover your cursor over the models broadcast window and click the “Superbuzz” icon to buzz a model. Wheel of Fun The “Wheel of Fun” is a game that models can enable so they can engage with members in a fun way and earn extra tips. Models that have enabled this feature will show a wheel icon below the message box in their chat room. Models will charge a set number of tokens per spin and give out sexy rewards depending on where it lands.While viewing a models feed click on the “wheel icon” to start the game. An overlay is displayed with the sexy rewards a model will perform. Click the “Spin to Win” button to reveal your prize. Doing so will spin the wheel and take you back to the model’s feed where you will see what you’ve won. Tips Click on the “Give Tip” button in the chat room Click the “Give Tip” button to send a tip. Tips are visible to everyone in the chat room. Gifts You can give models gifts to show your appreciation or encourage the model to perform. Gifts are often updated to meet the time of the year so look for special gifts that are only available for a limited time. Models will also receive a percentage of every Gift they receive. Click on the “Give Gift” button in the chat room. lick on the Gift(s) you want to send. Click the “Give Gift” button when you are ready to send. Gifts are visible to everyone in the chat room. Top Admirer Show a model they are your favorite with the Top Admirer Program! Every time you publicly tip or send a virtual gift, it automatically counts towards the Top Admirer Program. Top Admirers are determined by member activity in the last 30 days. While all admirers are appreciated by models, there are exclusive perks of being a Top Admirer! A models Top Admirer will receive the following benefits: Get a special icon next to your name in chat to let the model and other members know YOU are the Top Admirer. FREE access to the model’s premium content.FREE access to the model’s recorded shows. The Top 3 Admirers will receive the following benefits: Get a special icon next to your name in chat to let the model and other members know YOU are the Top Admirer. FREE access to the model’s premium content. The Top 5 Admirers will receive the following benefits: Get a special icon next to your name in chat to let the model and other members know YOU are the Top Admirer. The model must have a minimum of 200 tokens in Tips and Virtual Gifts before these benefits are available to Admirers. Tips and virtual gifts given anonymously are not counted toward the Top Admirer Program. Message Center To access the Message Center click on the envelope icon located in the upper right corner. Click on the subject of the message you want to open. The message is displayed along with the 3 buttons below: • Close – Click this button to close the message. The message status will change to “Read”. • Reply – Click this button to respond to the message. The status of the message will change to “Replied”. • Delete – Click this message to remove the message from your Message Center. Deleted messages are moved to the Trash folder. You can respond to the message by clicking the “Reply” button. Join Free by clicking the link......... : Live Sex Cams or Chat