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This is not a subscription. You can also purchase credit by text message. Enabling Flash : Go to the website.Before the URL you see in green the word “secured”, click on this. Choose for microphone, webcam AND Flash player “always allow on this website”. Refresh the page. The webcam image is poor quality : The live images of our models are sent via the internet. The quality of the images depends on the webcam models' internet connection. Your webcam isn't working : Firstly, please ensure your webcam works properly in another program (Skype, Msn etc.).Please right click on the area where you webcam image should appear and select your webcam. Ensure that no other programs are using your webcam at the moment. If the problem persists despite checks, please reinstall your webcam software. You will find the software on the webcam brand's website. Your browser keeps stopping : Please uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash Player. For Windows VISTA users: If the problem persists after reinstalling the Flash, it may be due to a Microsoft Windows Vista authorization issue. Click the Windows button then select the search function: Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\ Right click on the file: FlashUtil9b.exe ou FlashUtil9e.exe. Select 'Run as admin' and install updates. Restart your computer yo've received the following error message: Loading preferences failed... Probably firewall issue (port 1935). The live chat platform via webcam uses different 'ports' on your internet connection. You cannot set up a connection with the webcam model if one of your ports is blocked. Try deactivating your firewall or antivirus. If you manage to connect to our platform, please reactivate the firewall and authorize port 1935 and port 80. Check that the 80 and 1935 ports are not blocked by your operating system: (PC) (MAC). If you have deactivated your firewall and it's still not working, check if you have used a 'router' on your network. On some routers, the configured firewalls can block ports 1935 and 80. Please check. If the above advice does not resolve the problem, please contact site's support service. The webcam model can't hear you: Ensure that you are in private and your webcam is on. Your microphone should turn on automatically. If not, check the settings: Right click on the chat window. You now have a menu. Please click the "Settings..." option (Parameters). Your main screen turns grey, you have the "Macromedia Flash Player Settings /Parameters" menu (see below). Click the bottom tab with a small microphone, select the microphone you want to activate from the drop-down menu, set the volume and select "Reduce Echo". Click "Close" to save your settings. VIP Show : The X-Cams VIP Show function means the model gives you her full attention. 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